About Us

Ron Krit – President, Founder

Ron Krit has been personal training clients for over a decade! His philosophy centers on making fitness fun so you look forward to working out, cooking, and getting healthy. He has trained seniors, adults, teens, and even toddlers. Ron has worked with all ability levels, from collegiate athlete to gym new-comer. He specializes in wellness workshops, bootcamps and pre/postnatal training. He educates clients on proper exercise form, portion control, cardio, weight training, stretching and massage. Ron has given numerous seminars on fitness, self-defense, healthy cooking, posture, and much more. He is a certified personal trainer through the International Sports and Science Association. Read his blog here.


Christy Witte, Certified Personal Trainer

Education: University of Illinois, B.S in Food Science Human Nutrition
American College Of Exercise (ACE), Personal Trainer

Christy stays busy as a Personal Trainer, Aquatic Director, Youth Fitness Instructor, Nutritionist and avid Runner. Christy works with all age levels and abilities; combining her exercise knowledge with her degree in Nutrition, she is able to battle both fronts in the fight for fitness. Christy creates programs that educate children on nutrition and the benefits of working out. She conducts nutritional consultations for clients wanting basic nutrition education and/or sports nutrition, and continuously works to help clients reach their goals.
Christy pushes clients through her philosophy on health, which integrates balanced eating and exercising with goal setting and fun.  Christy is passionate about sports, fitness and health. Her clients experience success as she integrates fun and challenging exercises with nutritional education.     
Aside from motivating others towards success, she veraciously pushes her self in the sports arena. While in college she was a member of the University of Illinois Women's Swimming/Diving team and worked as an intern for a sports nutritionist.  The past few years Christy has participated in three triathlons and two marathons.  Christy ran her first marathon in October 2003 and qualified for the Boston Marathon!


Howie Oster

Howie Oster is a certified Muscle Activation Techniques Therapist, and and ACE certified personal trainer. Howie has been in the health and wellness field for over7 years, where he started in Occupational Therapy school, transitioned into personal training, and finally Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). During his professional tenure, he has attended numerous classes and seminars on various types of exercise, focusing his time and interests mainly toward biomechanics. His in depth understanding of biomechanics and anatomy, relating especially to reversing the mechanisms of pain and injuries through MAT, qualifies him as an expert in restoring normal muscle function which allows pain-free movement and living. Tied in with his exercise knowledge, MAT is a great, not only remedy for pain and injury, but precursor to preparing the body to handle exercise, or anything physical whether it be at work, sport or play. Howie's website is located at http://www.fitnessdynamics.net.

Jon Dimetros

Jon Dimetros, an A.C.E. certified personal trainer, became interested in fitness and muscular science at a young age.  Jon believes that motivation combined with a tailored exercise program is the key to achieving one’s fitness goals.  There is no “easy” way to get in shape, but determination and commitment will always pay off.
Jon partners with his clients to increase:
Aerobic capacity
Tone muscle
Reduce body fat
And most importantly, improve self-image and confidence.
Jon focuses on proper exercise and nutrition to achieve results. He strives to create workouts that maximize results in the shortest amount of time, while maintaining a fun and challenging environment.  Each session is catered to address a client’s needs in a practical, functional manner, using a dynamic range of exercises.
Personal trainers provide the necessary motivation and expertise to begin an effective workout program and stick with it.   With the right attitude and proper guidance, you provide yourself with an indispensable tool for success. The old cliché, “Where there is a will, there is a way” holds true in fitness, and small steps add up.  To learn more about Jon, please e-mail: jdimetros@fitwithkrit.com


Amy Cahill

Amy will join Kamp Krit for a summer of fitness fun!  For the last 10 years Amy has been motivating others to achieve higher levels of fitness and reach sports goals. She has been a tennis lessons instructor, a certified Spinning instructor and trainer.  Amy lives the lifestyle she promotes through a strong personal commitment to fitness and sports.   At Kamp Krit, Amy will provide motivation, generate energy, and help participants reach their fitness potential.  Amy will help you become fitter, faster, stronger and most importantly, will help instill a passion for living a healthy, active life!