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Welcome to Fit With Krit

A lifestyle approach to health best describes our training philosophy.  Our goal is to help people develop a healthy lifestyle through education, personal training, and motivation. Through knowledgeable, caring and personable employees we make fitness fun. We offer a complete approach to training, including weight training, cardio, cooking lessons, stretching, massage to a name a few services.  Our ideal client learns proper form, apply our eating tips balancing chocolate with fruit, cook with less oil and more flavor, and enjoy exercising for life.

Balance plays a large role in our training. Not only do we help improve physical balance with balance boards, dyna discs..,but we encourage complete balance.  We have built and continue to foster relationships with massage therapists, stylists, spas, restaurants, lounges, coaches, athletic suppliers and more to create a network to help relax you as well as develop your interests and hobbies.

Our Services

Corporate Wellness

Studies have shown when your employees are healthy, productivity increases, and healthcare costs decrease. We can help.

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Personal Training

Looking to achieve a new you? Let us help. Our team of trainers will help you get in better shape.

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